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We are a driven and focused team, ready to take your
commercial bathroom project by storm.

Whiteson is Australian founded, owned and run with good family values being the pillar on which we have built our business.​

Our team  is backed with a wealth of industry experience giving us a distinct advantage when sourcing products, materials and sub contractors for our refurbishments.

This experience in the bathroom and washroom refurbishment field has enabled us to develop accurate, efficient time schedules and value for money solutions for clients that don’t compromise on quality.


To help business and facilities managers save valuable time and resources by providing complete commercial bathroom renovation packages with unquestionable efficiency and precision.

Our team loves to be a part of your renovation story. From initial consultation to project handover our process is transparent, open and respectful. We pride ourselves on great communication, providing regular project updates and quick, accurate query response.

We are open minded
and flexible in all
areas of work.
We follow through,
on time and to
We say what we
mean and mean
what we say.
We are wholly
committed to our
work and our cause.
We constantly
enhance our expertise
and share it.


The team at Whiteson have been designing and renovating commercial bathrooms for 12 years with a further 25 years’ experience in the general building, construction and plumbing industries. We are dedicated to upgrading outdated washroom and toilet areas into vibrant, hygienic and practical environments​.



David is our compassionate and charismatic director who leads by example (works his tail off!) and values the creation and maintaining of meaningful relationships both internally and externally at Whiteson. The constant dad jokes have made this process of retaining friends rather difficult, but he seems to get by solely on his easy-going nature.


Sales Estimator

Dale is our resident conversationalist, who mostly needs no introduction. He’s never without a story to tell or some words of wisdom. If you've heard it before, do humor him, there comes times when he must reuse these! He thrives off company and spends tireless hours travelling the suburbs, going over and above to look after clients and brighten their days.


Project Manager

Bradley is our hands on guy, always on the go and rarely found behind a desk! Up for a laugh anytime, he’ll be on site somewhere if you wish to catch up and get administered a good dose of sarcasm. His readiness to travel in the regions is highly commended, even if his main aim is to retrieve his many Gumtree purchases.


Sales Estimator

Gary is our people guy. Although full of confidence and big calls, he’s a great listener, so we won’t blame you for spilling your life story because we have all fallen for it. He knows more details about us here at Whiteson then we’d ever care to admit! He is excellent at understanding your needs before you even know them for yourself, a handy trait to possess.


Sales Estimator

Jordan aka ‘The New Guy’ is a jovial and energetic member of the team that brings fresh perspectives and creativity to the table. He is a confident, quick learner and we love having him and his meticulous attention to detail aboard the Whiteson team. If you were after morning tea however, Jordan may have already eaten it!


Project Manager

Jake beats us all to it with his quick wit and dry humor. There’s never a dull moment around Jake and if there is, he’s sure to have something smart to say about it. Whiteson thrives off his incredible organisational skills and his ability to wrap trades around his finger! He is extremely considerate of clients and their requirements and in turn runs a tight ship on site.


Project Manager

We are hoping to add to our team in 2022! - If we can possibly find someone who will put up with us all! Watch this space for our new Project Manager. We can't wait for you to meet them, actually...we can't wait to meet them either!


Finance & WHS Officer

Melinda loves to crunch the numbers, none of us know why, but we are glad to have her on board. OCD is in fact an indispensable quality in a Finance Manager. She’s sure to have a system for any occasion and we all appreciate her tireless efforts to organise us, the rag tag bunch we are... May she one day reach her goal.


Marketing Coordinator

Hi, I am Michaela, it’s a little hard to describe myself but I'll give it a go! I’m somewhat of a dreamer with a love of design and many loud opinions. I relish in the rush of a last minute and if not just scraping in, I’m sure to be fashionably late. My semi-permanent residence is Mars, so if you think I’ve forgotten something, I probably have.


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